Okoe Boye Causes Stir By Casting Doubt Over IGP Released Statement
16 Jun

Okoe Boye Causes Stir By Casting Doubt Over IGP Released Statement

Okoe Boye Causes Stir By Casting Doubt Over IGP Released Statement. The country is currently seeing some security challenges. The nation has been gripped with fear because of the increase in armed robbery cases. The killing of the young police officer days ago has brought back the question of security and tooling of the police.

Yesterday, the Police released a statement where they called on banking institutions to get armored bullion cars before the end of June 2021.

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Many political commentators like Captain Smart and Johnny Hughes have argued that this was not feasible. They have said this was more of a rhetoric because even if the institutions have money to import the cars, it will take a longer time for the armored cars to come into the country.

A banking expert, Mr. Richmond Atuahene has also said that the value of an armored car is between $150K- $200K.

Today, Wednesday, June 16, 2021 on TV3’s ‘New Day’, Johnny Hughes put it to Dr. Okoe Boye whether it was feasible for the for the banking institutions to have armored vehicles by the end of June.

The former law maker for Ledzokuku explained that he agrees with most of the comments in the communique released by the IGP. He was of the view that the Police are working to make things right.

Johnny kept on posing the earlier question and Okoe Boye kept going round until Johnny told him this was the third time he was asking him the question. Okoe Boye explained that he feels the order was not feasible.

He went further to say that the measure might have been made to put pressure on the banking institutions to speed up the process of acquiring the vehicles. He noted that procuring the cars and bringing them down to Ghana before July will be impossible.


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