Video: Chinese Men Singing Presbyterian Hymn in Twi

Video: Chinese Men Singing Presbyterian Hymn in Twi. Recently, there has been news about two white people who were observed speaking flawlessly in Ghana’s famous language, twi, as if they had lived there their entire lives.

The twi language, which is the most widely spoken, is simple to learn and comprehend. At least half of the population is able to speak or understands the language. Other foreign nations find it easier to learn and communicate in it due to its lightness. The twi language is spoken not just by Ghanaians, but also by people in Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Jamiaca, the United state, Canada, and Suriname.

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It may surprise you to learn that a white man who has never lived in Ghana but speaks the twi language can be found. There are people in Benin who are not Ghanaians and who speak the twi language since their forefathers migrated from the same South Sahara region as the Akans hundreds of years ago.

On a more serious note, we must be wary of the Chinese, who appear to be steadily gaining control of the African continent. They’ve been in Ghana for a long time, competing with Ghanaians to sell local goods. Some of them are also engaged in galamsey activities. A cocoa pod cracking machine created by the Chinese has surfaced on the internet. Cocoa is currently being planted in China in order to compete with other cocoa-producing countries such as Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

If African leaders do not take urgent action, the Chinese will dominate the African continent in a few years and may begin using our native names as well. African leaders must unite and plan for the continent’s development in order to relieve the burden on the continent’s youth due to unemployment. The Chinese population domination may eventually overtake that of Africa, resulting in the continent’s extinction.



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